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Foundation Kop invited me, Niels Post, to make a work as part of their headliners project in which artists are asked to react to an article in the daily news. In response to the ongoing coverage about the earthquakes in the northern province of Groningen, due to the gas extraction that started over 50 years ago, I wanted to make a work that would last longer than the average headline; a biking route that can be used in the years to come. A tour through the beautiful landscape of Groningen will take you along extraction sites and other gas related locations. A tribute to the landscape and its natural resource that made the Dutch welfare state possible.

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Seismic measurement point near Woudbloem. What looks like a dead pixel on satellite images turns out to be an electrical box and a sheet of metal. A drilling hole containing four sensors that go down to 197 meters into the ground according to this seismic map by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute.